Technical and Management Training :

we have a list of the best and High Qualified skilled & long Experience Trainers, lecturers, Consultants and Employees Within the related fields of Engineering, Industrial, Scientific and Management In accordancewith international standards Through US, British and European Societies, Associations and Institutes.

Training Fields as following

1-Civil Engineering , Survey , Sanitary Engineering and Project Management (PMP).
2-Mechanical, Electrical , Chemical Engineering and Corrosion Engineering
3-Welding & Material Engineering Science and WPS, PQR, WQT Qualification according to Codes and related Standards
4-Non-destructive testing (NDT) according to American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT) recommended practice (RP No: SNT-TC-1A) -( RT, UT,MT,PT,VT,ET ......etc.)
5-Quality Management system according To( ISO9001) , Environment management system according To (ISO 14001 ) , Occupational health & safety Management systems according to (OHSAS 18001) , Calibration laboratories Management System according to (ISO/IEC17025) , Energy Management System and Sustainability according to (ISO50001)
6-Preparatory Courses for API inspectors ( 570,510,653,580 ),
AWS welding inspector ( CWI ) , NACE painting and coating inspectors , TWI welding inspection ( CSWIP 3.1) and BGAS -CSWIP Painting inspector
7-Management Skills and Human Resource Development ... More Details and schdule of tarining


we Provides Engineering Consultancy and offer Distinctive Employment of Qualified with long Practical Experience Engineers and Technicians using Up to date and calibrated Equipments according to International Standards in the areas of :

Civil, Sanitary Engineering and Surveying and Project Management

Mechanical, Electricaland Chemical Engineering

Corrosion, Welding, Material Engineering Science, Failure Mode and analysis of Root causes Then Methods for Rehabilitation and adoption.

Preparation and Approval of WPS's, PQR's, WPQT's

Deal with Metals, Non-Metals, Ferrous, Non-ferrous Organic and non-Organic Materials

Destructive tests (DT) in accordance with related standard specifications

Non-destructive Tests (NDT) implementation in Accordance with Contracts and its Standards

Conformity Assessment, gap analysis, internal audit, Root Cause analysis, Identify Non Conformed Activities, and Suggest Corrective & Preventive Actions to enable Companies for Accredited Certifications of Various Management Systems According To ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001, ISO/IEC17025 and OHSAS 18001

Construction and In-service Inspections for Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Pressure vessels, Piping, Pipe lines, Bridges and steel Structures

Construction and In-service Inspections for Mechanical Equipments and Engineering Materials.